Buyer onboarding emails


As the Design Lead in a cross-functional team, I worked on the creation of a new buyer onboarding email series.

Whilst reviewing the project plan I identified process gaps and proposed a new strategy to incorporate user centred design thinking and ensure a systematic approach to testing our output later on was defined.

Project summary

  • As part of a new business initiative, we want to get buyers booking demos with their account managers.

  • We need to showcase why the user should be using the platform for all their interiors projects.

Problems to solve


  • Market analysis

  • Onboarding best practices research

  • Existing journey analysis

  • Interviews

  • Journey mapping




  • Personas

  • User flows

  • Card sorting

  • Wireframing

Final designs

  • Created updated components and illustrations for the emails based on our new brand guidelines.

  • Worked with the email developer to make sure the designs worked across different devices and degraded beautifully.

Key learnings

  • How to explain and persuade the business that the design approach focusing on the user needs will have more benefit.

  • When I can identify that there are gaps in the process, it's important to take the other members on a journey to show them why these pieces are needed so I can contribute effectively and we can ensure the project will be successful.

  • Emails can be highly restrictive from a design perspective due to different providers rendering components so differently...or not at all. I had to work out how to get all the emails to look elegant and on brand in challenging circumstances, as well as clearly conveying the message.