I’m a Product Designer with 5 years experience as both designer & manager. UX obsessed and always curious.

Creating experiences that are meaningful for people is what drives me. I’m an advocate of data driven design and love working with JTBD and ODI. Working with both B2B and B2C I’m confident in responsive web and native app design. I’m experienced in the end-to-end design process from business strategy to testing and delivery.

I thrive working in an environment where I can focus on the user, ask challenging questions and learn from those around me.


I use the design thinking framework devised by the Nielsen Norman group as the foundation for my process. I believe the structure is robust enough to be applied to a whole range of projects, and flexible enough to use my preferred methods within the various stages.


Empathise with the user, and carry out research to understand their needs.
Methods: personas, JTBD interviews, user research

Define the problem based on the results of the research, highlighting the pain points and prioritising the opportunities.
Methods: JTBD statements, JTBD outcomes (functional & emotional), JTBD opportunity scoring, job maps, user journeys



Ideate how the problem can be solved in different ways.
Methods: workshops, sketching, collaboration

Prototype how these solutions could work to test their robustness and validate their usefulness.
Methods: user flows, card sorting, content hierarchy, wireframes



Test the prototype, get feedback to validate that it’s solving the problem.
Methods: paper or digital prototypes, user feedback sessions

Implement the idea, then measure
Methods: High fidelity designs & behaviours, MVP definition, analytics of KPIs, user feedback